Altar of an Abandoned Sun

by Dungeon Synth Compilation

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aaronwriterguy A diverse collection. Much of this album sounds like the soundtrack to an 80's adaptation of the Lord of the Rings that (sadly) never got made. If you like ambient music, especially of the dark variety, or you just want something to play in the background of your next D&D session you should consider giving this album a look. Favorite track: 2 Pen Draig.
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"The wastes were a name for the place that lay on the edge of everyone's knowledge. Ruinous towers and husks of holy temples that were cast into rubble centuries before. It was here that nothing grew nor anyone gathered except for a few. By the glow of dusk the devout came to worship. At an altar the was cast in years of tarnish and rot the few made praises to the star long forgotten. Across light years and over the eons of time this heretical congregation sent their prayers to a pinpoint of light with faith that their god would soon return and sunder the world in unholy light"


A collection of new and recent work made by the users of the Dungeon Synth Facebook group.


[[Note on Downloads]] It has always been our intention to have this for free and available for anyone to have. Any sort of money received will go to purchasing download credits for this page. This is the continuation of a multi volume series showcasing the talent of the current dungeon synth scene. Some of these volumes will be themed while others will be more ethereal. Please visit us

/// (Blood Tower)


released June 24, 2017

Artwork by: Kaptain Carbon

Compiled, designed, & arranged by Kaptain Carbon




Dungeon Synth Compilation

Seasonal compilations from current dungeon synth artists from both Facebook and the Forum. Artwork from various artists. Mixed and designed by Kaptain Carbon.

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